Tucky's Mastering



Mastering involves correcting and adjusting the sound of a production as the final step in the process of producing music.
As mastering engineers, we consider ourselves to be an audience,
and the first fans to have the chance to hear artists and their musical works.
For that reason, as we carefully master each song,
we understand ideas from the production standpoint about how the artists want their music to be heard,
while also thinking from the perspective of fans and how they would want to hear the music.

Tucky’s Mastering は
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Mastering Done in Person


Consulting and exchanging opinions with artists and producers in person, we carefully master each song in order to finish each singular, outstanding musical work.

Engineer in charge: Hiromichi “Tucky” Takiguchi
¥29,700(税込) / 1H
※Amount billed depends on hours worked. Hourly rate includes studio usage fees.

Tucky’s Net Mastering

Tucky’s Net Mastering


We perform our mastering services online for clients located overseas as well as artists and producers who may be in Japan but are too far away to meet in person. Our approach is exactly the same as when we perform mastering in person. Please understand that the process may take time, depending on the circumstances.

¥24,200(税込) / 1曲 1song
※It is a charge for each song. In the case of the same EQ setting with different versions, such as instruments, it will be ¥ 10,000- (excluding tax) separately. Includes studio fee.